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We are dedicated to making a mom’s life easier and less stressful. Therefore, we offer only high-quality products, because your family deserves the best. We guarantee that every box you receive will be packaged with 100% Love.

Who We are

Each month you will receive the Best products from established, new and upcoming companies (including a featured “Made by Moms, for Moms” product), plus coupons, giveaways, parenting tips, and other essentials, to simplify your busy mommy life!

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You choose one of our amazing packages and tell us your little one age and gender

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We send a box of the best mommy and baby products right to your door.

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You delight in your monthly discoveries and share with friends!

So, what’s in the boxes?

Here are a few of our favorite things…


Baby Foods

Teddy bears


Music Makers

Board Books


Wooden Toys


Baby bags


Paint Sets


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Meet Sonia Marie

The idea of this company came about from countless hours trying to shop in stores such as Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us, while having to endure, restless noisy children (usually my own) while trying to focus on purchasing the very best items to fit my children’s’ needs. Shopping for my family typically becomes an all day event and we end up becoming the main attraction. Pushing a limousine-sized shopping cart that holds my Sonia Marie plus three3 years old and 1 year old, plus an oversized diaper bag, all while wearing my infant in the carrier on my chest doesn’t make for a relaxing shopping experience.

What would add to my frustration would be getting all the way to the store only to find products that I came for were OUT OF STOCK or seeing a new product on sale but not sure whether I should buy it because I hadn’t done my research on it yet. I figured there had to be a better way to buy the items my kids needed. That had already been researched for quality and would save moms like me, time and energy shopping for them themselves.

So, that inspired Box Me Mommy. I hope you will see that I delivered on my promise to bring only the very best to you and your children. My goal is to save you so much time and effort in this process because as a mom you have enough to worry about. If you have any questions about the products of services please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

– Sonia Marie, Real Mommy of 3 





It’s a  delightful surprise that shows up on your doorstep every month, full of amazing products from the foods they eat to the toys, puzzles and books that challenge their growing minds. Our boxes help moms discover the very best products for the stage and age of her little one. Of course, this box wouldn’t be complete without tried and true essentials for mommy. It’s the perfect monthly gift to give yourself or a mom you love.


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