5 Busy Mommy Tips

As a mother of three, I’ve learned a lot about survival, so allow me to pass some of it along.

Tip #1 Use a calendar or planner. This is a must have for busy moms. Write down important dates on the calendar such as upcoming appointments or due dates for bills. Some awesome web tools that can help you keep up are Firefox’s add-on Reminder Fox or Google Chrome’s Remind Me extension. These are nice tools because they show you reminders while you surf the web.  Also, try to use an online calendar like Google Calendar or Yahoo calendar.

Tip #2:  Get everything ready the night before.  Mornings (and evenings) are usually hectic for moms.  Don’t be late to work or a morning appointment because you’re looking for shoes that match.  Take some time the night before to get everything you need ready for the following day.  Evenings are also a good time to work on writing goals for the upcoming day. Take some time to make a list of things you need to do each day.

Tip # 3: Accept that it won’t all get done. It is easy to write down a list of goals. Doing them is another story. If you find yourself not able to complete the items on your daily to-do list, then your goals are too big. Start small.  List – pick up clothes off the floor, clear off the dresser, wipe down the mirror, make the bed, etc.  If your goals are overwhelming, it will be more difficult for you to tackle them. Make them smaller instead. Have Hubby help when he can, tackle washing of the clothes.  Play nice, even if he doesn’t fold the clothes after they are dry.

Tip #4: Learn to say no.  One reason why busy moms get so busy is because they have difficulties saying no. You don’t have to say no to everything, but if you are feeling stressed out and over-worked it is time for you to put yourself first and start saying no. one very good example of NO ( when old Auntie Mae calls with a lot to say and you end up on the phone for two hours) That’s time wasted, that you could have handled some household tasks.  Learn to say  “No, sorry Auntie can’t talk right now… can I call you later?”

Tip #5: Get your rest. Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep. For a lot of moms, this is the only moment in the day when the house is quiet, but sleep is important for busy moms. Staying up late will leave you with less energy and focus for the upcoming day.

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