Signing Up

  • It’s easy! Just click on “Join”. Select one of our MOMbership packages (Mommy+One, Mommy+Two or Mommy+Three), next you choose a Plan (Monthly or 3 – Months), personalize the subscription for your little one(s) after checkout. Soon you’ll have our monthly box of surprises coming to your door!


  • That’s fantastic! Every month you and your child will get a box of 3-7 items. These top products are recommended and reviewed by real moms and are tailored to the age/stage of your child, from newborn up to 4 years old. Each month, you’ll discover and enjoy a surprise selection of some of our favorite goodies, including toys, books, snacks, household products, as well as other goodies for your little ones and their wonderful Mom.


  • If you signed up before our monthly cut-off date (the 1st of each month at 11:59pm EST to be precise), you’re guaranteed to receive this month’s box. If you signed up after the cut-off date, we’ll let you know if we’re able to ship you that month’s box, or if you’re all set to receive boxes starting the following month.

    If there’s still any doubt, double-check your account–it’ll state when your first month’s box will arrive.


  • No peeking! The surprise is one of the best parts. We work hard to bring you new exciting products each month, and we ask for your child’s age, gender, as well as skin type, so we can make sure we send products appropriate for your child. Still not convinced? Check out our list of brand partners .


  • Yes, it’s best to place your order now – so you don’t miss another box! When you place an order after the sold-out date, we’ll reserve next month’s box for you.


  • Sure you can! For Monthly Box Subscriptions, we currently cannot process multiple boxes on one transaction. However, you can purchase our Mommy+Two or a Three package for up to three little ones or complete separate transactions for each box that you want.



Billing and Other

  • Gift subscriptions (purchased through “Gift”) are purchased at the full package price and do not automatically renew. If you’d like to renew your own subscription after receiving a gift, simply purchase a new subscription for yourself through “Join

    For self-subscriptions (any subscription purchased through “Join”, you’re charged for the full package (monthly or 3-month boxes) at the time of purchase. Renewals occur during the first week after your pre-paid period is complete. If you are monthly your account will renew within the first week of the new month after your first box is received, unless cancelled according to our cancellation policies. Automatic renewals for both monthly and multi-month package subscriptions are processed at full price.

    Here are a few examples ( If Kerry signed up for a 3 month subscription on May 15 her subscription plan will automatically renew within the July 15-22 unless she canceled or postponed her subscription by July 14 11:59pm Eastern) ( If Kerry purchased a monthly subscription on May 15 and May’s boxes are sold out she will automatically be included in the following month’s shipment. Her monthly plan will then renew July 01, unless canceled by June 31 11:59pm EST)

    Subscription packages renew to the same package as most recently purchased: e.g., a monthly subscription renews each month at the full monthly rate, and a 3-month package renews every three months at the full 3-month rate. The renewal billing will happen during the first week after your pre-paid period is complete.


  • We hope you never leave us, but you can cancel by emailing customercare@Boxmemommy.com. You will still receive any boxes that you have already paid for, but your subscription will not be renewed when it expires.

    Be sure to cancel before the 1st day of your new subscription term (11:59pm Eastern on the last day of the previous term), before we begin our billing cycle and start prepping your next box for shipment.


  • Monthly subscriptions box items are ineligible for return.


  • Your box’s Product list includes more detailed product and brand information–sometimes we even include special coupons or offers from our featured brands.

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